About Me

I’m Arham Jamal aka iceandfire. I’m an 18 year old ordinary guy who’s studying Computer Science and Engineering at SRM University. I reside in New Delhi, India. Yup, you read that right!

I love everything related to technology, specially Android! I design ROM’s known by the name XenonHD. I’m the founder and owner of Team Horizon which is the team behind XenonHD ROM!

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In my starting days I used to make hybrid OS’s for BlackBerry smartphones. They were known by the name of iceandfire hybrids. Then I decided to give Android a try and haven’t looked back. I’ve made themes for CM theme chooser, custom kernels and ROMs! I started with iceandfire ROM for Motorola Milestone and moved on to Nexus series due to their openness and direct support from Google and AOSP!

I’m a soccer fan and a die hard Chelsea FC supporter. I love to play multiplayer shooters on Xbox while I’m not working on XenonHD! ;)

I’m always up for a chit-chat on Twitter, so be sure to follow me!

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